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  • Analysis of previous utility bills to determine base energy consumption

  • Q and A with the homeowner to learn how the home is used, and what might be a heavy contributor for large utility bills.

  • Insulation check: Insulation standards have improved recently, and older homes are often found with minimal insulation.  We will check your insulation to see how much of an improvement this can provide.

  • HVAC: The heating and air conditioning system keeps homes comfortable, but is often the largest energy demand in a home.  There are lots of cash and tax incentives available that we can help you receive.

  • Blower door test: we will measure your home's air leakage and determine areas of high concern

  • Duct inspection: Leaky ducts mean your nice conditioned air is not making it to the area you want it to, making your HVAC system work harder.  

  • Lights and appliances: Lights and appliances are a huge demand nowadays.

  • Final analysis: With all of the necessary information gathered, we will provide solutions, with there estimated energy savings and cost.

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